Pest Control in Tenerife Expert Advice and Fast Response

Nothing ruins a BBQ like a swarm of cockroaches. Nothing destroys a picnic like an array of ants. Moreover, nothing ruins a fresh morning like a mouse, spider control, or raccoon somewhere in your home. In order to keep such annoying critters away from your place, Pest Control Teneriffe offers the 10 best pest control advice.

Best 10 Pest Control Advice In Tenerife

Clean Your Kitchen

Any leftover food on your counter or kitchen floor is like a treasure to insects. Keep your kitchen clean and let these ants find food away from your home. Furthermore, do not forget to wipe your counters after every use. Also, sweep your floors and put away unwanted foodstuff immediately.

Block Pest Entry To Your Place

Your first protective step is to make it hard for pests to even find an entry point to your place. For this, regularly check all your windows and walls for holes and fill if you find any. Moreover, it’s essential to replace a broken window when needed.

Maintain Your Lawn

Keep your home garden/ lawns maintained to avoid any overgrowth. In case you don’t know overgrowth in your lawns serves as a perfect location for pest infestations. Trim your trees and bushes that are near your place and pick up debris.

Avoid Standing Water

The first step to control mosquitoes is getting rid of still water. Still, water serves as a breeding point for mosquitoes and a pleasing invitation to the mosquito’s family. It’s easy to ignore standing water sometimes, so regularly walk around your home and inspect it. Check for hidden leaks and rainwater units.

Eat Your Vegetables And Fruits

Don’t let veggies and fruit get ripe on your dining counter. If you let fruits overly ripe, fruit flies will come for a spell. And you know what eliminating fruit flies isn’t an easy task. So it’s better to hire an expert pest control service.

Keep Your Firewood Properly

Do not let termite’s free access to your property. In case you keep firewood, store it away from your shed or home. Actually, a minimum distance of five feet should be maintained for your firewood station. But, if you can keep it even far away, you will be in a better place. Furthermore, keep firewoods in racks above the ground.

Inspect Outdoor Furniture & Swings

Regularly inspect your corners and chains of your swings and any outdoor furniture. Spider webs and egg sacks will be formed if you ignore your outdoor essentials. Do timely dusting and cleaning of your place.

Hire A Pest Control Service

Appoint a local pest removal expert to come to your home and regularly spray rodents and bugs common to your location. Professional pest controllers have specially designed solutions and tools to keep pests far away from your place.

Don’t Bring The Outside Items In

Keep outside stuff outside and inside stuff inside. In case you need to bring in a few tables, chairs, or toys, first, wipe them down then let them in.

Don’t Throw Meat Outside Too Early

Try not to throw meat leftovers in your outside bin unless the garbage will be carried away in the next two days. This is because the combination of the summer sun and rotten meat can let unwanted pests in your lawn alarmingly fast.

Are You Searching For Pest Control Service In Tenerife?

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